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Cosmetic Reviews...

Reviews on beauty products. I am not endorsed by any company, but if you have a product you'd like me to review leave a message in my "Ask." Search for specific reviews by /tagged/name of brand. xx-Rachel
Aug 14 '14

Miss Manga Mascara by L’oreal ($8)

When I saw this first on Tumblr I was a little suspicious of it…like yeah ok I doubt it’ll be that great but really, it’s amazing. It’s easily my newest favorite mascara.

The wand is strange in that it bends pretty far to curl your lashes while volumizing them but the mascara still goes on well. It can be a little clumpy so you’ll need to comb your lashes but the formula isn’t itchy or drying.

I grabbed the waterproof version in “black” but I think next time I’ll pickup “blackest black” just for a bigger effect.

I like using this mascara and then another on top of it just to make my lashes look even bigger but you can easily (and I usually do) just wear this on the top and bottom. 

My only issues with Miss Manga are that it’s difficult to get off (even with makeup remover and can sometimes get flaky if you use too much) and can get all over your face if you aren’t careful.

I would compare it to Benfit’s They’re Real! mascara and based on reviews online people either love it or they hate it. It’s kind of hard to tell in pictures how fat your lashes get but trust me, they look amazing in person and Miss Manga is definitely worth a try.

Also, it’s perfect if you like to do Cosplay but have too sensitive eyes for false lashes.

Aug 3 '14
Jul 31 '14

E.L.F. Plumping Lip Glaze ($1)

First things first: I hate this brush. As you can see by the small picture in the corner, this glaze comes with a white sponge-tip applicator. The applicator falls apart and gets stringy pieces of sponge stuck in my lips when I apply this. I hate having to pick out the strings from the sticky gloss during each use. 

Second: This is extremely sticky. It gets all over my fingers and my hair gets caught in my lips often.

The clear glaze is the lip plumper but I wouldn’t exactly say it made my lips look fuller. They definitely felt tingly but didn’t look or feel bigger.

The color is gorgeous and it lasts a decent amount of time - though it does come off when you eat or drink, as expected.

Bottom line: I think there are better products to use, even for $1.

Jul 31 '14

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Jul 23 '14
Jul 23 '14

Origins clear improvement charcoal mask ($17~$24)


(This is just a mini but I’m constantly reordering the full size product.)

If you have (large) visible pores I HIGHLY recommend this face mask. It minimizes pores and unclogs them without drying out your skin.

Once a week, open your pores with a warm washcloth, put this on and let it dry then rinse with warm water. Simple. 

Your skin will look bright and your pores will look smaller. It feels like your skin can actually breathe.

This product is a wise investment, trust me. You don’t even need to exfoliate after you use this.

— I love Origins skincare. Everything I’ve ever tried has always worked amazingly. I know they’re a little expensive but their website always has deals/sales, free gifts with purchase, free shipping offers, and free samples. If you follow their Facebook page they post free offers, and you can use cashback websites to get a little money back.—

Jun 12 '14

Benefit’s Watt’s Up


The full size of this product usually is around $30. I recommend waiting to purchase this until Ulta is having a “free gift with Benefit purchase” promotion.

That being said, Sephora is giving away a travel size of this (and a mascara) as a 2014 birthday freebie so don’t forget to get yours during your birthday month!


I think this product is 100% amazing. It gives your skin a luminous/dewy glow without making the skin look sweaty or oily.

I have very light skin and thought products like these would be pointless yet I find myself using it every time I put on makeup. It really does make a difference.

Watt’s Up is creamy and you don’t even need a brush because you can just use it like a marker and draw right on your face (cheekbones, above your eyebrows, down your nose) with it. It’s easily blendable (I use my fingers) and doesn’t make your skin look yellow or glittery, it just makes it look brighter and more healthy-looking. Also it won’t melt if you leave it in your makeup bag in your car on a hot day (which I do often).

The full size is kind of expensive but there is just something about this product that I love. Highly recommended.

Jun 12 '14
Jun 1 '14



Elsa Pageler

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May 18 '14

E.L.F. Powder Brush ($3)

I love this brush plain and simple. It’s extremely sturdy and I’ve had next to no problem with any of the bristles coming out. It’s easy to wash as well. 

I wouldn’t say it’s the softest brush in the world but it isn’t uncomfortable or unpleasant to use on the skin. I haven’t had an issue with the bristles fraying either. I usually use this brush when applying Mary Kay face powder and it works really well for giving a full coverage finish quick and easy. 

I would recommend this brush incredibly highly (even though some E.l.f. brushes aren’t that great).